The Baron's Table

'In the days of Glory, Baron Von Eberhard was sitting at his table, enjoying the finest wine money could buy, till he received a letter from the King- A Call to Arms! The Baron must muster up his weaponry arsenal and his finest men so that he can prepare for war'

For my final year project of my university course, I decided to make a range of assets that would feature as part of a 13th century castle armoury. The scene has a lot of narrative elements in order to characterise the Baron who owns it.
I was inspired by a few castles that I visited, such as Warwick Castle and The Tower of London, to make the scene feel authentic in its set time period. It later got developed to having a more fantasy/fictional element , with inspiration drawn from The Witcher Series/Mount & Blade Warband to give it a more RPG styled feel.

I am thinking of continuing this project so that the whole armoury is completed. Any ideas or feedback is much appreciated!